Beautiful garden? Weed control? Retention of soil moisture? Keeping up fertilization level? Mulching is the right solution.

Mulching is an effective way of safe-guarding your plants by providing a protective cover over the soil. Mulch conserves moisture, reduces water run off, and protects from erosion. Mulching eliminates the process of mowing around trees, thus preventing damage from lawn mowers and weed cutters. Keep your landscape healthy by applying winter, summer, or permanent mulch to your garden. Mulches made from plant material decompose over time which adds nutrients to your soil and make your plants healthier. Call us to learn more about our mulching services and how we can be of help to you.

Let us add the special look and finishing touch to your garden! Mulching is one of the quickest, simplest and most beneficial practices you can use to protect your landscape and ensure a better growing environment for your plants. Mulching enriches and protects the soil and plants by isolating and keeping the soil moist and keeping down pesky weeds.

Additionally, mulching protects the soil from erosion especially in the event of heavy rains which often cause soil compaction. Mulching moderates the soil temperature by creating a barrier between the soil and the air.

Mulches can either be organic or synthetic. There are many different types of shredded and chipped mulches. We can help you select and apply the appropriate mulch for your garden. Give us a call for a free professional advice.

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nutrients to your soil, conserves moisture, organic or synthetic mulching

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